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Fri Jan 25 @ 7:30pm
Postponed due to Tube Strike

Protest Blogs

Why Bailouts Lead to a Zombie Economy
By John Aziz
Most social and economic protestors oppose banker bailouts because it is unfair. Bankers — by and large the most privileged class in society — got at the last count over $14 trillion of
From 1968 to 2011: A Study in Rose
By Oliver Duggan
On 17th December 2010, Mohammed Bouazizi instigated the Year of the Protest two-weeks before its Gregorian allotment. The Tunisian street vendor, wounded by oppression and diseased by the malignancy o
Is Miliband Worthy of Leading the Left?
By Tom Mendelsohn
I had my first row about the uselessness of Ed Miliband with one of his leadership campaign interns, back when he was still the unfancied insurgent to his brother's leader presumptive. She was convinc

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