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Designs for hardware and software are usually copyright of the owner but a great idea called open source is taking hold!!!
Posted by matt @ 16:40 on 21/10/2011
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Idea details
Open source software and hardware is a great way technology to develop. It is free to use and invites improvements. The internet as it is today relies on a vast range of open source code. The standard Apache server which runs most websites is an open source project as is PHP and MySQL. An exciting new development is open source hardware. There are a range of projects such as the Arduino project and 3D printers can replace shopping for a whole range of products from door handles to kitchenware and much more. Open source designs can simply be printed and the only cost is the 3D printer. looks very interesting as there are blueprints for 60+ machines essential for a modern economy. When I first saw this I knew that it is a way for small farmers and business men to start competing with larger multi-nationals. GREAT WORK!!!! check out some videos:
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