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The earth is getting abused by companies and governments are allowing it. Everybody knows how much the earth is getting contaminated.
Posted by matt @ 16:54 on 21/10/2011
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It is true that there are laws that are put in place to prevent companies from polluting and contaminating the environment but they are no where near comprehensive enough. It is far too easy for corporations to externalise their costs and this just means the environment and society suffers for the gain of the corporation. A great example is owner of a carpet manufacturer. He saw the impact his company was having on the environment and put in place strategies and methods to drastically increase the sustainability of production. He realised how easy it was for a corporation to not pay attention to the environment or the effects it was having on society. To his credit he saw that his company was basically plundering the planet and he should be held as an inspiration to many people in power who can make a positive difference but fail to do so.
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