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Schools should teach kids how to do tax in school. How to manage finances. How to be a good consumer and how to think for themselves.
Posted by matt @ 16:45 on 21/10/2011
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Idea details
Very important things are not taught to children. Very easy just to teach and it could make a very big impact. We need to think about the quality of knowledge and if children are being trained to take exams or being prepared for life in modern society. What is the education system designed to do? What does it actually do? Real life experience. The system needs people of a range of ability and skills. These should be showcased to students so they can see what realistic jobs they can do. There should be a way for people with a passion for certain jobs/professions to train up for them with the knowledge very few people can actually do those jobs. Don't be afraid of teaching people to do many jobs e.g. plumbing, writer and artist. If they want to have the opportunity to know how to plumb, that is more important than keep the information secret to maintain an industry. There will always be people who need professional plumbers and accountants but the increase in general knowledge will be advantageous to society and hopefully if the culture of sharing valuable information is shared children will grown up with that culture as well.
Daniel posted @ 14:08 on 02/02/2012
That's so true! Tax is so daunting and so are a lot of things when you leave school and get into the real world. I think it's all selective education to keep the general population "in it's place".
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