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Politicians should go on a course explaining how the basics of the economic system works. Most don't even know the difference between deficit and debt
Posted by matt @ 16:13 on 21/10/2011
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Idea details
Politicians should be taught about the main factors, based on facts, that can improve the lives of people in general. There should be orders of priority such as quality of life, elimination of crime, continuity of society, protection. They need to see the bigger picture. If they don't know they should say they don't know exactly but give an analysis to the best they can of the situation. Always think how they can best serve. The system is way too complicated which may be why they are ignorant? They need to be able to see other ideas and understand how they will fit into the system. They need to A) see the problems which they can help with B) provide resources for people to easily be constructive members of society. Institutionalised wealth measurement factors do not help. For example, if the economy is shrinking but people's lives are improving sustainably, what's the problem? If people are being effective members of society by helping and getting involved helping, does the employment statistics matter? There is an importance placed by politicians openly on the appearance of doing something rather than doing something?!!!! This shows a blatant disrespect for the electorate.
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