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Police need to have communication training to handle the public in a better way. This could stop a very strong feeling the police have stopped helping
Posted by Daniel @ 12:18 on 10/10/2011
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Idea details
From reality police TV shows to personal experiences from my friends and myself, my only knowledge of the police is of being thugs, unhelpful, and an uncaring organisation. When they are confronted by less well spoken members of the public they do not speak back in a way that can calm a situation - it seems like they become passive aggressive which as we all know can stir up emotions and make people very angry. Communication with the public needs to be improved. Even when a shop I work at was blocked off by police tape and others were allowed pass, but we could not open our shop, we were told by police "I don't need to answer to you" when we were only enquiring. The police oath is to try their upmost to protect people and property, but as with so much in this world now, they seem only out for themselves. We need to stop this before more and more people do what so many people I know already do which is to never call the police. The feelings amongst people I know are that they will not help anyway and only make things worse...right now, although I still phone the police...I agree - they don't help as they should.
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